Discover Kyoto

Discover Kyoto

Kyoto is one of Japan`s ten largest cities with a population of 1.5 million people and a modern face. It has managed to preserve a historic atmosphere, as it was the only major Japanese city to escape the devastation of WWII.
It is famous for being the residence of the emperor and Japan`s principal cultural center for almost 1,100 years.

Kyoto is home to 17 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites situated in a cityscape dominated by 2,000 temples and shrines.

You will get inspired by the rich Japanese culture through tea ceremonies, sake brewing. kimono wearing, and more.

Kyoto is also the educational hub of western Japan with several universities and higher educational establishments. Half of all Japanese Nobel Prize winners have been Kyoto researchers.

This tradition of innovation is also the lifeblood of the Kyoto industry which has produced some of the world’s most exciting companies, battery technology, green energy solutions, and numerous inspiring products.

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Kyoto, Japan - January 16, 2019: Gate of Kennin-ji Temple
Kyoto, Japan - March 29, 2015: A Large torii gate at the entrance to the Fushimi Inari Shrine, was built in 711.


Shrines and Temples
Visiting some of the 2,000 shrines and temples is a must when vising Kyoto.
Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine is the most important shrine in the entire city.
Kennin-Ji was founded in 1202 CE and claimes to be the oldest temple in Kyoto



Kyoto offers a variety of museums devoted to history, arts, crafts, and more.
Some of the museums are Kyoto National Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto Railway Museum, and plenty more!

Our reward for an early morning start.
Pontocho alley at night, local Japanese pub and bars, Kyoto, Japan



Kyoto offers a rich culinary tradition.
The Pontocho nightlife offers fusion restaurants alongside traditional ones.
The Gion, which is the most famous geisha district, and the Kyoto Station area also offer many interesting opportunities.



In Kyoto, you can find a unique mix of high fashion shops alongside stores selling traditional clothes.
You can shop around Shijo Street, Kyoto Handicraft Center, flea markets, and more.

People shop at Shijo Dori in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is a major city with population of 1.5 million.
kyoto, japan - May 26, 2016: small japanese warrior decoration statues are on sale at flea market in kyoto japan



Celebrating their commitment to foster sustainability, the Kyoto City Tourism Association endeavors to cultivate a harmonious relationship between visitors and the local community. By endorsing the Code of Conduct for Sustainable Tourism, they aim to preserve Kyoto’s cultural heritage and nurture an environmentally conscious future for all to enjoy.